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Re-attach Windows Clients to Domain

2009-09-30 16:10:52

After re-installing Windows on a 2003 Server after a rather unpleasant hard disk failure, none of the client machine would connect to the domain because the machine account passwords were incorrect. After much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth we eventually worked out how to accomplish this with a batch file.

We copied NETDOM.EXE from the Windows XP installation media to a network share on the server, then mapped a drive using administrator credentials to "fake" sufficient privileges to remove/add the machine to the domain, before using NETDOM to do the actual remove/add operations.

NET USE X:\\<servername>\<sharedfolder> /Y /P:N /USER:<domainadministrator> <password>



Web Comics

2009-07-26 10:23:06

These are some of my favourite web comics:


Questionable Content

Dark Legacy Comics


Windows Knowledgebase Articles

2009-09-30 15:59:12

Show nonpresent devices

Remote Desktop Printers Not Connected

Terminal Services - Cannot Set Default Printer

Enable Built-In Administrator Account on Vista

Exchange Spam Cleanup

Fix problems with Hyperlinks in Mail Merge fields

Malware Removal Tools

2009-03-19 11:04:53

These are tools I use myself to rid computers of malware infestations.


This can be downloaded from

Ad-Aware 2008

Can be found at

Hijack This

This product was bought out by Trend Micro (previously it was available at, but that site now looks like a cyber-squatting link farm!) and can be downloaded from

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